Natural Alicante

Alicante is wide varied province with very different kinds of landscape. From the sea to the peaks of Sierra de Aitana, Serrella, Xortà or Sierra de Bernia among others. The contrast is such that we can go from the coastal city of Benidorm to the small villages of the Guadalest valley in just 25 minutes, so the variety of activities that can be done is almost infinite. Alicante is a paradise for nature lovers.


Discover the natural wonders of Alicante

The province of Alicante is a hiker's paradise, its mild climate in autumn, winter and spring make our province the ideal destination for hikers outside the summer.

During wintertime in Alicante you can visit a lot of hiking trails with an incredible variety of landscapes. There are beautiful routes by the sea and ascents to peaks that have nothing to envy to the Pyrenees.

In Llar de Beniardà we can inform you of many hiking routes and advise you according to your preferences on those suitable for your level and skills.

Starting in Beniardà we have some of the most beautiful hiking routes in Alicante and Spain, our village is a fantastic starting point for all hiking lovers.

We can give you some advise about hiking routes throughout the Marina Baixa region, in the mountains of Aitana, Bernia, Xortá, Serrella or Serra Gelada. There is an immense variety, from the ascent to Puig Campana or Pico Aitana, to routes from village to village, the Forat de Bernia, the Castell de Confrides, and a lot more…

What to do?
What to do?
What to do?

Climbing in the Guadalest Valley

Alicante is also a paradise for climbers, with its limestone rock walls, there are many places where you can practice your favorite sport. As a good climbing friend of mine says: when you love climbing you only see rocks. Here, of course, you will see rock al around.

Next to the village of Castell de Guadalest there are some of the best climbing routes in the province. There are different routes for sport climbing and also classic climbing with routes of up to 3 pitches. The type of rock is very hard grey limestone, reddish in some sections. The strong points of the Guadalest Valley climbing school are its good weather conditions all year round (especially in winter) and the enormous diversity of climbing available, from classic to mega sport climbing.

Nearby we can also find the climbing area of Polop in the iconic Monte Ponoig (The Sleeping Lion), with one of the most spectacular via ferrata of Spain.

There is also the possibility of hiring a climbing guide for beginners or advanced climbing course.


Discover the best cycling routes in Alicante

For cycling lovers, both road and MTB, the Guadalest Valley area is a unique place, both for its mountain terrain and its mild climate. Many cycling clubs from the north of Europe and Spain come to our area in order to train during the winter season. We can inform you about the different routes, cyclotourism or mountain biking.

What to do?
What to do?

Get to know Beniarda

Beniardà, like the rest of the villages in the Guadalest valley, lets its Moorish roots emerge. The unique layout of its small streets, the settings, the gastronomy and the agricultural stone terraces remain of the past civilization that left such a deep mark on our land.