This is how it looks on the inside

Llar de Beniardà has been created with you in mind, so that you can feel at home, with all the comforts and surrounded by nature and tranquility. Each room is unique and each room seeks to convey a feeling.

The Library

"As long as there is a good book to read, I will never be alone." (Margarita Alonso)

We like books, we have always liked them, their smell and touch, the stories they hold and that we make our own, the spirit of knowledge, comfort and emotions.

And here they are, accompanying us at all times, resting in the bookstore waiting for someone to give them life. For a while they captivate us and, when we leave them, they never leave us completely, and will forever be a part of us.

The House
The House

Dining room with stove

"In the warmth of the fire, with my friends, I nourish my soul and warm my body."

In this intimate corner, between the kitchen and the cellar, where conversations are forged and complicit glances are crossed, we stop to contemplate the fire, and let ourselves be carried away by its warmth. Stone, fire and food in this your home.


"With bread and wine we walk the road" (Spanish proverb)

In this very special space, we have recovered the matacán floor, very old terracotta cobblestones that we found under the last floor.

An old threshing floor serves as a high table, and we are surrounded by bottles of good local wine and typical products of the local gastronomy. A place for prosperity.

The House
The House

Corner of love

"This is love, those who have tasted it know it." (Lope de Vega)

This is the special space for love, complicity and tenderness, specially designed with much affection by Arianna, our dear friend interior designer, who has impregnated with her good energy all our house and our project, without a doubt you will be able to feel it.

Courtyard "Secret Garden"

"And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles.” (Frances Hodgson Burnett)

Our patio, the secret garden that cannot be guessed from the street and that gives life to the house, fruit of our inspiration and our effort, grows and surprises us every day, like a son, like a daughter.

A place for rest and contemplation

The House