Climbing in Guadalest

The school is located 5 minutes from our house in Beniarda, next to the village of Guadalest, we find different types of routes, overhangs, technical plate and edges. In summer it is too hot for climbing, but it is ideal at any other time of the year.
Rock of excellent quality and quite long routes mostly of continuity, many of them with difficult beginnings, but most of them are equipped with M-10 parabolt.
In Penya l’Alcalà we will be able to enjoy some routes of up to 3 lengths of medium grade that will make us enjoy wonderful views of the valley.

This is a list of the routes that we can find in this school.

West Face Routes:

1.- Cornicabra 20m 5+
2.- Margalló 18m 6a+
3.- Intolerance 0 18m 7a+ 4.
4.- Garrofer 28m 6a
5.-Qui no fa vespra no fa festa 8m 5+ Trad
6.- Joan Pellicer i Bataller 8m 5+ Trad
7.- Hay que darlo to 55m L1:6b L2:7b+
8.- Egoisme 10m 5+ Trad
9.- Maura 45m L1:6b L2: 6a
10.- Pais Valencia 30m 6c+
11.- La Perla 8m 6b
12.- Flor d’ametler 15m 6c
13.- Primavera 55m L1:6b+ L2:6b
14.- Ruby Nails. 75m 6a ( E2 5b) Trad
15.- Makarrereta 30m 6b+
16.- Unavoidable 30m 6b+
17.- Okupa 30m 6b+ 18.
Brass Tacks 88m. 6a+. (5c. E3). Trad
19.- Jana 16m 6a
20.- Curtain Call. 78m. 6a+. (5b. E1). Trad
21.- Slanting Crack. 95m. 1V+. ( 4b). Trad

South Face routes:

22.- Esther’s Chimney. 90m 1V-. (severe 4a) Trad
Amber Lights. 63m. 1V. ( Severe 4b) Trad
24.- The Haze. 25m 1V-. (Severe 4b). Trad
25.- Iron Bells. 25m. V. (Very severe 4c). Trad
26.- Fiddler. 25m. V+. ( Hard very severe 5a). Trad
27.- Rock Star. 25m. 6b. (E3.5c+).
28.- Roller Coaster. 25m. 6a+. (E3. 5c).
29.- Electric Man. 23m. 6a. (E2. 5b+). Trad
30.- Way out. 22m. 6a-. (E2 5b). Trad
31.- Fences. 20m. V+. (E1. 5b). Trad
32.- Harp. 20m. V. (4b). Trad
33.- Medusa. 20m. 3. ( V.Diff). Trad
Outside edge 75m. 1V. ( Severe 4b). Trad
35.- Reflections. 20m, V. (5a. HVS). Trad
36.- La Pastisseria 25m 6c+
37.- Llenya al bombo 25m 6c
38.- Dels Diedres 30m 6b+
39.- ¿? 30m 6c
40.- L’Aligot 30m 6b
41.- Rock Pilgrim (Pixurris) 30m 6a (5b E1). Trad
42.- Super Nova (Les Xiques de casa) 35m 6b (5c E3). Trad
43.- Castell de Focs 35m 6b.

Sector Bordillos:

44.- ¿ ? Artificial
45.- Guiris gou jom 8m 6c
46.- 8m 7c
47.- 8m 7b
48.- Plou Poc 8m 7a